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When your facility requires a commercial cleaning Brisbane service that is quality focused and reliable, then Time Out Cleaning is here to serve you.  Our commercial cleaning division cleans all types of buildings ranging from medical facilities, government buildings and retail premises right through to warehouses.

We take pride in our strict quality focused cleaning system which ensures a  high standard of cleanliness each and every time.  Our clients understand our commitment to quality and therefore have complete peace of mind in knowing that their premises will always be professionally cleaned to the highest possible standard.

Quality Brisbane Commercial Cleaners

commercial cleaners brisbaneWhen our clients experience our commercial cleaning service for the first time, they are thrilled to see the transformation of their premises. More importantly than making a good “first impression” we pride our selves on delivering a consistent level of quality with our cleaning.  We are able to achieve this through strict quality control systems, staff training and investing heavily in the latest equipment available to the industry.

Processes, training and equipment is one part of our organisation, but the most important part of our business is our people.  To deliver an outstanding level of service to our clients, we first need  to educate our core philosophies and commitment to quality to all members of our team.  Not only does this practice deliver a high standard of cleaning to our clients, it also demonstrates that we as an organisation are here to provide the very best in customer service as well.

“No Contracts” Commercial Cleaning

persion tearing up contract agreementWhy should your premises be locked into a cleaning contract if the cleaning company is delivering  a below average cleaning result.  Unfortunately some cleaning companies require a contract agreement to be in place before they commence their service, and i some cases this is not a problem.

The time when it does become a problem, is when the cleaning company slowly starts to cut corners with their cleaning, and eventually the client becomes unhappy and wants to change to another service provider.  However if they are in a contract, they need to wait until that time period expires to change to another service.

We have moved beyond this mentality by offering our clients a “No Contract” cleaning service.  Our philosophy in regards to this is your premises should be cleaned to the same standard each and every time.  And if your not happy, you have the freedom to change to another service provider.   Our only condition is that you must provide us with 30 days notice if you would like to cancel our service.  This gives our clients flexibility to choose the best cleaning service provider who can deliver a consistent level of quality.

Commercial Cleaning Brisbane Services

commercial cleaning services brisbane

Time Out Cleaning offers a range of commercial cleaning services throughout Brisbane.  Our cleaning teams are highly trained which ensures the highest possible standard is achieved for your premises.  Not only do we offer regular commercial cleaning, our cleaning service also has a full range of other specialized services that will cover your entire facility cleaning requirements.

Some of these services include carpet cleaning, floor polishing and sealing, window cleaning and pressure cleaning services.  Listed below are some of the main types of buildings and facilities that we clean on a regular basis:

  • Sporting Complexes and Gymnasium Cleaning
  • Medical centers and Medical Specialist Office Cleaning
  • Government buildings and Educational Facility Cleaning
  • Warehouses and Industrial
  • Mufti level complexes and high rise Cleaning

FREE Commercial Cleaning Tips

commercial cleaning brisbane tipsAs always it is in the best interest of all personnel to keep a commercial premises as clean as possible and to avoid potential hazards(such as slips from liquids spills) from occurring.  By implementing a few basic changes to your operational procedures, you can increase the overall appearance of your premises and minimize hazards.

Another reason to keep your premises as clean as possible is to help keep all personnel more happier and productive.  The reason why is when people are exposed to an untidy or dirty indoor environment, it results in people  feeling frustrated and to experience lower levels of mental performance.  The following cleaning practices will help to maintain a commercial premises in between our visits:

  • Ensure cleaning personal attend to all hard surface liquid spills” immediately” to avoid slip hazards from occurring.
  • Place “Please keep clean” signage in the common areas such as the  kitchen or lunch room.
  • At least once per week have all employees tidy and organize their work area.  This helps to minimize excess clutter from forming around workstations etc.
  • Provide basic cleaning chemicals such as anti bacterial wipes, general purpose cleaner spray and paper towels to be used for accidental spills etc.
  • Make sure the air conditioning system, air ducts and filters are services on a regular basis.  This helps to minimize excess dust and allergens.
  • At building entrances, ensure that a good quality commercial floor mat is used to capture excess soil and debris from foot traffic.
  • Have your carpets cleaned at least once every 12 months.  an excellent time to do this is just before winter.  This will also help to minimize dust and allergens.


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